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Youth Church


Exalt is a word that describes praising God. Our Youth Church is a service for young people that is all about praising God and learning to live life to the max for Him.


As the number of church attenders continues to diminish, the need to undergird the next generation of believers becomes paramount.  Whilst there are many churches within Blackpool’s faith community where young people worship there are few places of worship designed to minister to youth, by youth.

The eXaLT youth worship service at St Thomas’ is in a unique position to immediately fill this void.  Our Sunday night service is any ideal forum for Christian youth to be in the majority, developing their spiritual gifts, and teaching them to minister to their peers.

In recent months the eXaLT service has relocated from limited facilities in the Underground to the Parish Centre’s Upper Hall.  Now there is space to accommodate hundreds of young people.  


The service is for young people who desire to know God more and to give Him the praise that he deserves. It's for young people of High School age and takes place every Sunday evening from 6 - 7.30pm in the Parish Centre at St Thomas' Church.


We start the service most weeks with a short time to catch up with each other, play a few games and fill up on some freshly cooked home-made food.

Then we go into the worship area, where the praise band provides music for us to worship God to. A short drama is a regular feature at eXaLT, followed by a short talk from a young person.

If you'd like to find out more about eXaLT, then either come along or fill in a contact form.



St Thomas' Parish Church Blackpool | 01253 399 276 | office@stthomasblackpool.org